My latest work is called “Atmos Spheres” and these pieces are sculptural and remain somewhat small – can be held easily in the hand.  They came from a concept of painting on rocks.  Having painted on rocks in the past, and have had to leave the rocks behind where I found them due to their weight, I decided to make my own rocks out of papier maché.  These new works are scaling up gradually, so stay tuned for additional photos as they evolve during 2017.

I’ve put the photos of the Atmos Spheres on a separate page but first I wanted you to see how the work had evolved by showing earlier, two-dimensional pieces below.

Clock Painting (circa 1990) – acrylic on hardboard
Untitled (Circa 2002) – acrylic on plywood
Two paintings – Untitled (Circa 2004) – acrylic on hardboard
Untitled (Circa 2004) – acrylic on plywood