Two Years Have Passed

Almost two years have passed with countless stories to tell. I began a part time “career” as an extra — working as a background actor on the sets of New Amsterdam, Nora from Queens, Madame Secretary, Mrs Maisel, and many others … until NYC came to a standstill ….

Of course, the pandemic has been uppermost in everyone’s life story for most of this period. For me, I found myself somewhat accidentally falling into a full-time job in a field I have no experience in (health technology) that took me away from traveling, writing music and painting. This environment immersed me into a state of high intensity that goes with the territory of a startup. The job has generated a never before seen by me level of income that has improved my lifestyle immensely. Although the job is full time (haven’t worked full time since 1978!), I do however manage to squeeze in a tiny amount of time for painting and music — including adding my composition and voiceover for a company video, as well as composed several soundscapes and soundtracks for animation for my dear friend Susan Rostow. Here is a collection of these works, produced between 2018 and 2021:

Red Hook On the Move

Long Journey Home

Nested World

Waterfront Showdown

Native Curatives

I am delighted to see New York coming back to life again — the streets are full of happy al fresco diners and gradually everything that NYC has to offer is beginning to be available once more.