Although I had predicted a busy month, I didn’t realize how much fun it would be. Not only did I have the good fortune to spend a few days with a new friend in Bentonville, Arkansas, I also got to reunite with Alan, my 1970s boyfriend with whom I arrived in the USA many moons ago.

My good luck connected me with a young woman who is going to Iceland at the same time as me, in February. She kindly invited me to visit her in Bentonville, and since I had the time (and airmiles) I obliged. I already knew some history about Bentonville – it being where the headquarters of Walmart is situated, and that the Walton family (founders of Walmart) have bestowed a beautiful art museum in the lovely town. Also a hotel with an art collection to rival the Museum of Modern Art is also just off the town square. We also were lucky enough to stumble across a performance by the blugrass group, Sad Daddy, who are the embodiment of what the best bluegrass is about. They just blend their beautiful singing tones into their instruments and forge a mix that is sublime.

Montreal is where I spend several days, where I got to see the gorgeous townhouse that Alan remodeled. With several inches of snow, hiding treacherous ice, I didn’t venture very far afield, but also met up with old friends who were visiting their family at the same time. Lots of great food, great wine, and lively conversations, and a good amount of laughter. Although the temperatures plummeted down to below 0 Fahrenheit, I was warmed by the company and just the right amount of reminiscences to contemplate.