January has flitted by so quickly, I almost forgot about updating my blog. Having landed an office job for a couple of days a week has got me out and about with a little extra cash in my pocket!

Rehearsals have begun with The Brearley Singers, and I have also been busy editing their Holiday Video, which has about fourteen songs on it. Will be a lot of work, as there were a lot of cameras capturing various angles, as well as a few different sound tracks to sort through.

I have been in packing mode for Iceland. Taking a bag that gets checked in I thought would make this trip a little easier, but in fact it is just as difficult to pack a large bag as a small one – especially since I’ve decided to make a stop in the Canary Islands – so I will be dealing with three different climates. Iceland, England and Spain .. close to Morocco! I will be landing and going straight to the famous Blue Lagoon before heading to Reykjavik. I have booked some sightseeing tours that will get me out of the town, and then I will join my Arkansas friend for a two day road trip to Vik.